PPenasco 665I love to look back on the year that has passed.  It is good to reflect on life and adventures and to revel in what has come before. Sometimes it feels like we haven’t accomplished a lot but when you see it written down, it can be quite amazing.  Something I started doing a long time ago was to write down three things every day that were a success.  I don’t do this all the time anymore but I mentally take note of them.  I find this helps me to stay on track.  Sometimes we get lazy and do not follow through on our goals and this helps to create a greater awareness.  It can be something as small as doing something nice for someone, or it could be a step forward on a new project you are working on.  Perhaps this technique is something you want to incorporate into your life for this year.

Last year I rung in the New Year’s in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  My friend Roxanne flew down to see me in Arizona, she stayed a few days and then I drove to the 3.5 hours to Puerto Penasco.  I spent quite a bit of time in this area last year, probably 6 weeks in total with the occasional trip back to Arizona. Then in mid February I went to Florida.  I loved the beaches there.

354 363I stayed in New Smyrna Beach for three weeks, this is near Daytona Beach.  I rode my cruiser bike everywhere and often several miles into town on the beach.   Riding on the beach was new to me.  I loved it.  After that, I spent a week in a nice beach town called Vero Beach where my boyfriend and I visited with his cousin.



From there I took a 7 day Carribean cruise.  I wasn’t sure how much I would like it.  As it happened, I enjoyed it immensely – I am still kind of surprised by this.  399422





After that trip I went directly to the Dominican Republic to a little place called Las Terrenas.  I think this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Gorgeous sandy beaches, palm trees as far as the eye can see and incredibly warm and friendly people.  It was definitely the highlight of my time.   Every morning I would wake and do yoga on the beach and then come home to find a fresh coconut at my door.  658 655


It has a European flair with many Italians and French calling it home.  If you are looking for a nice place that is not over commercialized and has a casual beachy feel, check this place.

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After that it was off to the Bahamas for 4 nights for an Isagenix Top Achiever’s event.  That was a fun time to connect with friends and to enjoy the rewards of hard work.  Flying over the Bahamas is amazing and I never tire of it.  The water is so incredibly blue.  If I lived in Miami, I would be there all the time!


From the Bahamas it was time for 6 weeks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to build my Isagenix business.  I met so many nice people and made some good friends.  They have quite an expat community there.  I did some volunteer work in an elementary school teaching nutrition in English to the Mexican students.  I also did my Reiki 1 course and did a lot of yoga.

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Ziplining July 15 077Ziplining July 15 090

In May, I flew back to the US for an Isagenix event and stayed until it got warm in Whistler, which really wasn’t until July.

Incredibly, I spent only one month in Whistler and then traveled again for 2 months throughout British Columbia.  I say incredibly, because Whistler is my favouite place in the summer.


The highlight of my British Columbia travel was the three weeks I spent in Penticton in the Okanagan. Vacation and Whistler 245

PPenasco 404

They have amazing wineries there and it was so fun getting to know people who live and work there.

PPenasco 325PPenasco 323

It was also at this time that I got a call from my friend’s husband telling me that she had died.  She was one of the kindest and warmest people I had the pleasure of knowing. Carole had a heart of gold and the world was definitely a better place for her being in it.


This news brought me back to the Lower Mainland.




I dog sat for my friend a bit which was great.  One of the downsides of traveling so much is not being able to have a pet, so I got my fill with Leroy and Jack.  PPenasco 439I stayed in Vancouver for the month of September and since I don’t spend a lot of time in Vancouver anymore it was nice to check in with friends and hang out in a new area of town.




I got to spend some time with my girlfriend Lucy and her sweet twins and friends at her gorgeous beach house on the Sunshine Coast.

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My boyfriend and I started a fitness challenge with friends and it was great.  I needed a kick start to get back into a more regular routine of fitness and this was it.  I went back to Whistler for the fall and it was a stunning and gorgeous fall!  I was outside in a t-shirt in mid October and I was hot!  A friend and her boyfriend came from Paris to visit and we spent Thanksgiving together.  The poor guy!  His first Canadian Thanksgiving and he gets to eat dinner served by me!  On the menu was nutloaf and miso gravy, all vegetarian. By mid December, I couldn’t take the Whistler cold anymore and came back to Mexico.

My boyfriend has requested a less hectic travel schedule for the future, so we are slowing working it out.  Speaking of being less hectic, I just realized that I haven’t booked us a return ticket from our mid January trip to Dallas for our Isagenix New Year’s Kick Off event. The idea was that by now I would have figured out where we would head next and then I just plain forgot to plan something. We leave in less than a week for Dallas so tomorrow’s plan is figuring out where to go next and actually get it booked. That will be my one success for tomorrow!  Happy New Year everyone.



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