Today I am starting a cleanse.  I just did a one in May, so this is a little sooner than I would normally do one but I am doing it for a few reasons.  One is that I am listening to my body and I feel as though I really need it.  Another reason is that I have a close friend who really needs it and it is much better to cleanse together, so the support will be great.  I am really looking forward to this.  Of course, I always do maintenance, so a cleanse for me is kind of like doing spring cleaning; I do it when my body calls for it.  Who waits all year to clean their house?  Not most people I know.  Could you imagine the huge task you would have before you if you did?  Most people do maintenance cleaning on their house and on their cars but  they don’t do it for their bodies.

For me it is like hitting a reset button on my body and it helps me to get back on track with everything.  It resets me to a healthy routine.  Each time I cleanse, I pick up new and better habits.  Often I talk to people who do a cleanse as a quick fix and then they go back to their old habits without changing anything.  What is the point in cleansing if you are just going to go back to dumping crap back in your body and not create any better habits?  The body needs to be nurtured and supported.   I am so passionate about cleansing because of what I know.  Often we can’t be motivated to do something because it doesn’t hold importance to us.  It isn’t important because we don’t know what we don’t know and we don’t know that what we don’t know is hugely important to know.  Because of what I know and what I have experienced first hand with my health, I am motivated to cleanse and nurture my body and to share with those who are open to listening.  I know that it is often not enough to say “trust me” but if you want to know why cleansing is so important, I would be happy to have a conversation about it.  By the way, when I say cleansing, I don’t mean cleansing with whacky Lemon-aid diet, maple syrup, cayenne pepper cleanses or harsh cleanses named after flowers, I am talking about a nourishing, nutritional cleanse that supports the body.  Contact me here at for a free personalized consultation and to view further information about why we need to cleanse.

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