It can be confusing when it comes to the best way to lose weight. I am often asked what is the best cleanse for weight loss. flat-lean-stomachUnfortunately there is no magic pill. Wouldn’t it be great if there was? As I was working out with my trainer yesterday I said exactly that. My arms were throbbing from an awesome workout and I thought, if my arms looked as toned as they feel right now, this would be amazing and wouldn’t it be even better if I could just wish it to be so?! Since we all live in the real world, I will be sharing with you some tips on what to look for when researching a cleanse and some tricks and hints for keeping expectations in check. The first thing to know is that cleanses that put your body into a state of starvation will trigger your body to store fat, in other words, not lose it, so don’t do that. Intermittent fasting for a day or two is considered healthy but going for longer than 2 days without food is not a good idea. Look for a nutritional cleanse, something that will flood your body with nutrients as it cleanses. Make sure that it is organic or above organic standards, ensure that you are getting vitamins and minerals and are replenishing the body at the same time that you are cleansing it. If you are finding the days without eating a slog, remind yourself of the luxury that you have to choose to give your body a break and to not eat for a few days. Not everyone has that choice. Keep your mindset positive. Focusing on the scale can be very detrimental. Do not think of your cleanse as a quick fix, think of it as part of a new lifestyle, something that you will do regularly throughout the year. Each time you cleanse, make it a goal to come out of it with a new and better habit. Embrace something new, like having a sparkling water with lemon in it, instead of defaulting to ordering a soda at lunch. Choose a salad instead of fries for a side meal. Just make it your goal to come out of the program with one healthy habit. One healthy habit leads you to have better awareness and making better choices, it leads you to feeling better, not only in your body but also in your mind – you are in control.

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