Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  There is so much to be grateful for every day.  For the next month and a bit, I am participating in a special promotion to keep people healthy and to give back to the community.  For those who want to participate in the Maintain don’t Gain program, I will be donating $25 from each person’s program to Child Help.

When I think of things to be grateful for, they are many.  When I think back to how I was raised, I was lucky.  I didn’t have to worry about food on the table, or whether I could take the dance classes and the extra curricular activities at school.  I had a warm bed, my parents were nice to each other and to us and I never felt unsafe.  Sadly, the reality is that there are many children who do not have this experience.  91 cents from every dollar collected by Child Help goes directly to the children.  If you don’t want to get on a wellness program, you can still donate and help someone who needs it.  To donate directly visit www.childhelp.com   To get on a program, please give me a call at 604 800 8300.

This program is specially designed for you and we will work within your frame work of your goals and needs.  Many people wait for the best time of year, the best day, the all or nothing mentality, to make a change.  Why not get a kick start on the New Year’s resolutions and resolve to stop making NYR’s and to live a healthier life as a daily habit.  I would love to help. www.cleanseenergy.com for more information about why this is important to your health.

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