Hello Fitness Buffs!

If you are looking for ways to get your body ready for Spring, and kick start your metabolism , then you have come to the right place! We all want fit, lean, energized bodies that are ready to show off.  However, maybe that Winter workout isn’t cutting it anymore. What you need are a few tried and true tweaks to get your metabolism humming right along so that you can feel confident when you peel off those Winter clothes.

1. It’s all about intensity. Stop going through the motions at the gym. Workout like you want results. Lift like you are strong, run like you are close to the finish line, and push yourself hard. Results don’t come from doing the same thing. They come from change.

2.  Change up your diet. Need some detoxifying after too much comfort food? Isagenix products can kick start a stalled metabolism with a program tailored just for you. Cleansing is usually too tough to go through and too hard on the body. Follow a plan that gets rid of the toxins that might be stalling your progress. Detoxify with adaptogenic herbs that support a healthy system.

3.  Add enough lean protein to your diet to spare muscle tissue. Why work out hard in the gym if you aren’t supporting your growth and recovery with a good protein source? Isagenix IsaPro shakes can take you to the next level. Strip off uwanted fat while keeping lean muscle.

4. Always hungry? Make sure you get enough healthy fats, mixed with the right amount of protein to keep your energy levels up and stay full longer. With Isa Pro protein shakes, you give your body what it needs to support fat loss, while maintaining energy levels.  Isagenix shakes are an easy way to add a “meal on the go” to most busy lifestyles.

Spring will be here before you know it. Start today with a plan. Plan to get energized. Plan to get strong. Plan to get lean.

Your body and your new look will thank you!


Dawn Sylvester is a Personal Trainer, Certified in Sports Nutrition. She co-owns Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center, in Troy, MI with her husband Craig.  Dawn has competed in the Figure division of Bodybuilding, and Kettlebell Sport and specializes in training only women, including running a women’s only bootcamp.  She has spent over 25 years researching the best sources of information on how to achieve optimal health, strength and anti-aging. To order Isagenix products directly from her website visit www.dawnsylvester.isagenix.com

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