Who doesn’t love back to school time?  Even though I don’t go back to school, I love this time of the year.  I work well with structure and all of a sudden life has a bit more structure when September starts.  For all of those who have over-indulged this summer and want to lose weight, this Isagenix health challenge is for you.  This is an excellent program for anyone to start on, whether you are working with a personal trainer, taking Pilates and yoga classes regularly or not even exercising at all, you will benefit.

How it works:

  • Have a goal in mind
  • Schedule a free phone or skype Personal Analysis with me.
  • Grab a friend or two to do it with you for support.
  • The program will be designed based on your needs and you will go for it!

On average in 30 days, my male clients lose 20-30lbs and my female clients will lose on average 15-20 lbs.  In a study conducted by Dr. Michael Colgan, a group of 6 male triathletes gained .7lbs of muscle and lost 3% body fat in a 30 day period.  So whoever you are, elite athlete, someone who doesn’t want to be the victim of a heart attack or just someone who knows that preventative health measures are important and you want to make a permanent and healthy lifestyle change, this is an excellent time to start.  The cost is less than $10 per day and includes 2 meal replacements, supplements and cleanse.  You can’t get a healthy meal for less than $5 anymore, maybe a Starbucks coffee but not a meal.

Do it with 2 friends and get a Visa gift card loaded with up to $150, do it with more friends and get more!

Please visit my website to fill out the form on the bottom right and let me know when is the best time to reach you www.cleanseenergy.com  I am based in Vancouver and Arizona but work with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S.

You may also call me at 480 684 2544 or 604 800 8300.

To your health!  Cari-Lee



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