ElephantThere is quite a bit of talk today about the killing of an elephant by the CEO of Go Daddy, Bob Parsons.   I heard about it first on Facebook and watched the comments pile up.  My first reaction was one of disgust and as I waded through the comments I found a comment that basically said: “why is everyone so upset?”  Now I haven’t seen the video and do not intend to but I thought about that comment and I began thinking about my own gut response.

I don’t know much about the situation, but this is what I do know. The elephants in Africa are not an endangered species, correct me if I am wrong.  The people’s crops were being trampled which prevented them from being able to provide for themselves and it was putting their livelihood at risk.  The elephant meat was used to feed the villagers, not just left to rot, so what are people mad about?  Is it because Bob Parsons comes across as some fat cat who takes pleasure in the kill?  I don’t really understand it.  We raise cattle to be slaughtered every day.  I bet more than half the people who are upset about this killing, eat meat regularly.  What is the difference between killing an elephant who is ravaging your crops and threatening your livelihood and raising a bunch of cattle, leading them to slaughter and then going to a restaurant and enjoying a nice juicy burger?   As I see it there is a huge difference.  What do you think?

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