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 My name is Cari-Lee Stevens and I am an Executive with Isagenix.  I co-create  successful and thriving  businesses in the evolved economy.  What is the evolved economy you ask?  The evolved economy means being untethered by the traditional confines of business.  It offers inspiration, camaraderie, time freedom and the potential for great financial wealth.  I invest my time with people who want to live an inspired life.  Do we really need to work 40-60 hours a week to get by?  I always say, “Life is meant to be lived.”  and there is a big difference between living and surviving and so many people are just surviving.   When people have financial abundance, they are in a better position to give back to others.  Money isn’t everything but with Isagenix you can have a balance of time freedom and financial freedom. This means less stress and more time to spend on the things you are passionate about.  I am so grateful  to share this opportunity.  If you are tired of not owning your time, if you are motivated to make a change and you would like to experience  incredible health, immense financial wealth and time freedom, please call, text or email me.  My number is 480 684 2544 in the US and 604 800 8300 in Canada.  Neither of these numbers support texting. This number is a cell: 623 335 2238 and does support texting.  I donate a portion of all my revenues to the Make A Wish Foundation.  It takes approximately $10 000 to grant a child a wish.  My goal for 2015 is to personally fully fund a wish for a child.  It feels amazing to make dreams come true.

If you want to learn a bit more about my story, please read on.

I was one of those people who was doing more than surviving financially but I was exhausted and unhealthy and then I hit a brick wall. In 2000, I was a young & successful personal trainer and Pilates instructor.  I  looked to be the picture of health.  In one week that all changed and I became completely left side paralyzed.  I had no idea what was happening to me.  I searched for answers but they were slow to come. Finally, after being on a 6 month waiting list for an MRI, I got in on a cancellation and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Suddenly life was different.  Besides the paralysis, I experienced indescribable exhaustion and the prognosis was unclear.  I might have one of two kinds of MS, which meant either a slow decline or a rapid decline with a wheelchair in my future.  I was in denial and I refused to believe this was happening to me.  I kept it a secret from most people.   My “story” to those who didn’t know, was that I had fallen off my bike.  I marvel at how I was able to hide it.

At the time of diagnosis, I didn’t even know what Multiple Sclerosis was.  As word got out, I met more and more people with the disease and I felt like I was part of a club that I didn’t want to belong to.  I met a neighbor with MS who took daily shots in her butt. She became a paid spokesperson for the drug company and traveled the continent to conferences.  Although the idea of traveling for work was always appealing, this wasn’t the way I wanted to do it.  I didn’t want to be dependent on drugs, so I took a close look at my life and made some changes.

At that time my life was busy and I was not taking care of my health. I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t taking care of it.  As a trainer, I only got paid when I worked, so in order to make the 6 figure income I wanted, instead of taking a break to eat, I booked myself solid and when I finished work I was famished.   I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight, so a typical dinner would be white pasta with sauce from a jar.  Then after dinner it was sugar time!  My addiction to sugar was out of control.  I would eat 4-6 pastries and a tub of Haagen Daz in one sitting. My body craved it and the results didn’t show up on the outside.  Lucky me!  Or so I thought.

One would think as a personal trainer, I would have had a clue, however, to give nutritional advice was a “breach” of my scope of practice, so I never bothered to learn anything about it.  At that time, I didn’t even believe that it was necessary to supplement and thought that all we needed we could get from “the ground” and that is what I told my clients.

My journey back to health started with supplementation.  I was taking up to 40 pills daily and I adjusted my diet.  I took out fake sugars, food coloring, hydrogenated oils and anything not natural.  I had my mercury dental fillings removed, I ate only organic food and got weekly Vitamin B injections.  I did a spring cleaning on my “negative friends closet”, which greatly reduced my stress levels and I researched and implemented alternative healing methods, including meditation. Slowly as time went on, I started to feel better. Mobility returned, strength returned and I felt normal again!  I still had massive sugar cravings but other than that, I was on track with my diet.  Yet, mentally I was not good.  I was worried that it might come back.  When I dated someone and it got serious, I wondered when I should tell them about “my disease” as there was a chance that it could come back and I might end up in a wheelchair.  I didn’t want to lay that heavy burden on someone. Each morning when I woke I wondered if this would be the day that my body would fail me.  If I woke with my arm asleep from having slept on it, I went into a panic, not realizing that it was just that it had fallen asleep.

Ironically just before the diagnosis, I applied for Critical Illness insurance.  Of course the diagnosis came to light at the same time and I was denied.  Four years later, even though I had several definitive opinions based on a battery of tests, I thought that perhaps I was misdiagnosed. I still wanted the Critical Illness Insurance and the only way to possibly get it was to get another opinion from a specialist at the MS clinic at the University of British Columbia.  So on a blistering hot summer day in 2004, with much trepidation, I rode my bike the 9 kilometers up the hill to UBC.  I chose to ride rather than drive as I wanted to remind myself and prove to myself once again, that what I was going to see in the waiting room was not me, I was different, I was doing okay.  My fear was that the waiting room would be packed with people using walkers, canes and wheelchairs and I didn’t want to look into that “future” mirror.  The head Dr. at the clinic was harsh. She said I would have a relapse within 5 years of my original diagnosis and there was only 1 year left to go with that.  She said that if I didn’t accept that fact, it would be “a real slap in the face” when it did reappear and it always did. She reassured me that she had seen thousands of patients just like me, so my denial had better end sooner rather than later.  Her bedside manner, like many of the Dr.’s I encountered, could have used a little finessing.

Thankfully, in 2006 I was introduced to the idea of nutritional cleansing and my life changed again. A former colleague in the fitness industry introduced me to Isagenix and it was the biggest blessing for me.  I was resistant at first.  Even though prior to my diagnosis I was no nutrition nut, I knew people who would do crazy cleanses like the Lemon-Aid diet (lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper), a.k.a. the Master Cleanse and I knew it was dangerous.  I assumed this would be similar.

Doing this nutritional cleanse was the missing link for me.  My results on the cleanse were phenomenal.  I lost weight I didn’t even know I had to lose and I felt great. I have stayed on the maintenance products since.  In 2009, I found a journal dated 2001- 2003 where I was recording three successes I had achieved every day.  They could be little or big but it had to be something.  I was surprised to see that every day there was a success around my fatigue & cravings: 1. I didn’t take a nap even though I really wanted to, 2. I forced myself to do a workout, even though I was really tired, 3. I ate proper food before I ate desserts.  When I got my mobility back, the fact that I craved sugar and was always tired was chalked up to being normal, I didn’t think twice about it. When I started cleansing, the fatigue and cravings went away but it took me seeing it in writing to realize that I didn’t have the cravings or the fatigue anymore.  It is amazing how when we start to feel better, we quickly forget how bad we once felt. This is why I now counsel clients to write down how they are feeling today and I do a personal analysis with them that we revisit later. Cleaning up my diet, clearly wasn’t enough.  It took cleansing and supplementing with high quality absorbable nutrition that I couldn’t get from food to make me feel as good as I always should have felt.

It is because of my journey and experience that I decided to share with others what I have learned. Since 2006 I have worked as a coach and distributor of the Isagenix products.  I kept my MS diagnosis a secret for 7 years, most people never knew but I started sharing it openly when I realized that perhaps my story could be an inspiration to others. I always knew it happened for a reason and that if I saw it as a gift, that good would come of it. Besides heeding the warning and straightening out my life, the other gift has been that I am now able to share an easy and effective solution with people to help them reach their optimal health.  If I hadn’t been scared straight, if I hadn’t been given that warning and heeded it, who knows where I might be today.

Isagenix has been also a blessing to me financially.  Thanks to this opportunity I am able to live the life of my dreams while helping others to thrive in their own good health, whether it be physical, financial or both.    It has been the vehicle that allows me to travel when I want and live where I want.  I don’t wait for “the day”.  I might book a trip to Greece for a month of sailing today and tomorrow book a trip to Hawaii.  I have found balance.  Life as you know it can end in an instant, don’t take your health for granted.  Your health is your wealth and without it, all the money in the world means nothing. When I say this, I think of Steve Jobs. What he wouldn’t have given to get his health back.

If you want to  build a business like I have, if you are looking for a change and are tired of not owning your time, I can help. Please be in touch.

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook at My intention in writing this blog is to give you some helpful tips and education that will hopefully help you to make some small or perhaps big changes in your life so you can live it in a healthier, more meaningful way.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog post or contact me directly.

Your health is your wealth.

Cari-Lee Stevens

604 800 8300 Canada
480 684 2544 US

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