My year in review.

The year 2013, ended with a bang, quite literally.  My plan was to spend 4 to 5 months in Mexico from December into the new year.  DSC04601

On December 18th I was woken to the sounds of what I thought was dumpsters rolling along the pavement.  I had rented a beautiful condo overlooking the ocean in a very quiet and peaceful area where there are really not that many tourists.  It ended up that it wasn’t a dumpster, it was a full on gun battle with grenades and machine guns that lasted from 5:30 am until about 9:30 am.  I truly thought I might die.  Next to the first sailing trip I took where we ended up in an epic storm, it was the scariest experience in my life.  Even though I was out of my comfort zone, I decided to stay for another 3 weeks until it was time for me to fly to my Isagenix convention in Dallas, Texas. I had to come up with Plan B for what to do for the next few months if it wasn’t going to be Mexico, so I decided that a project would be a good idea.  While I was in Mexico, I purchased a 4 bedroom, 2200 sq foot home in the McCormick Ranch area of Scottsdale.  I was looking for something that had some upside with the potential for a juicy fix and flip. I kept hearing that there was no money to be made in doing this and it was impossible to get a good deal, however I managed to successfully fix and flip it within a 5 month period. Click here to see some before and after photos.  This was my first time doing such a project and it was an amazing learning experience.

I spent a lot of my time while in Arizona, meeting new friends, hanging out in a different neighborhood and doing a lot of hiking.  In late May I was back in Whistler.  I am a sun seeker and this was a bit early in the year for me but I knew my time would be short there so it was something I was looking forward to. I had enjoyed the gorgeous transformation of the house in Scottsdale that I didn’t get the chance to live in, so I decided it was time for a once and for all overhaul of the Whistler residence.  Again I was very pleased with the results. Click here to see before and afters.


In June, I decided to go back to Mexico.  My friends Doug and Herb have a great little place in Puerta Vallarta with gorgeous views of the bay that they let us use.  We spent a wonderful week there and I was glad to be back in Mexico. I didn’t want to let one not so great incident to put a damper on it for me permanently.

In early July my parents came to spend some time with us which was great.  We took them on long hikes and we did a ton of outdoor activity.  I love and appreciate how active they are. Later in the month one of my new friends from Arizona flew to the Okanagan and I met her there. Sue and I had a blast wine tasting in this amazing region. It was so fun to see someone who doesn’t know anything about the region be so blown away by all that there was to offer. It is an undiscovered gem for most of the world still.

By the time August rolled around it was time to hit the road again.  The month was shaping up to be a big one.  My girlfriend Lucy invited us to her beach house on the Sunshine Coast to hang out with a big group of friends.
Being there is always such a treat.  View from the deck.


From there I drove to Vancouver and then flew to Edmonton for a family wedding.  The wedding was the same day as my big yearly Isagenix conference so I left early the next morning and managed to attend the last half of my event in San Diego. Always a fun and inspirational time.

From San Diego I flew to Ontario where my boyfriend picked me up in my new Prius and we drove across the country back to Whistler.  The Prius isn’t sexy but it holds a lot and it is good for the environment, so I am happy with it.  Joe on the other hand wishes I had opted for something else.  Stops were made in Detroit to see good friends who now live there and I finally got a chance to check out Chicago, what a great town!  I drove through Big Sky Montana and then finally ended up at my parent’s place in BC where we hung out for a couple of days.

In late September I went again to Phoenix for an Isagenix event with a few new friends, including my Phoenix Realtor Alison and my friend Sue.  While there I looked for my very first apartment building to purchase. I have been looking for a long time on and off and I finally made the plunge.  So on October 31st, I became the new owner of my first residential multiplex!  That was a goal I had for a long time and I was happy to see it come to fruition.

For our Thanksgiving In October, one of my good friends Ronnie came from Arizona to spend it  with us. I met Ronnie when I first moved to AZ, so it was nice to have a long term friend come and hang out.  It was his first Canadian Thanksgiving and he soaked it up.  We went on lots of hikes & had some good times with my friends Doug and Herb who also came up for the weekend.  

November and December were low key in Whistler which was fine by me. We hosted a few dinner parties and a highlight was that my brothers came up to visit.  It is rare to have all of us in the same country, nevermind the same place at once, but with a little planning and some effort on their end they made it.  For the rest of the time  I got to enjoy my newly renovated place, go to the gym a lot and basically chill out.  

What is awesome about this year, looking back on it was that I had totally different plans for 2014.  If I hadn’t experienced the gun battle, I would not have come back to Arizona when I did. I would not have met my amazing new friend and realtor Alison who sold my Scottsdale fix and flip and who sold me the multiplex.  I would not have met my amazingly talented friend Sue who I love to spend time with and there are so many other ripple effects that happened from that one incident.

As I always say, life is a gift, that is meant to be lived.  I hope you are enjoying a great start to 2015 with lots of love, good health and happiness.

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