I don’t usuallTyphoony watch the news but the night before last, I did.  The reports were just coming in about the devastation in the Philippines.  I saw a woman pressed against a fence and her words, “we are thirsty”, stuck in my brain all night.  This truly could be any of us.  Natural disasters happen anywhere and I can imagine the relief these people feel as they see the helicopters and trucks arriving with supplies & medical aid. I want to do something to help and am so grateful to aid organizations around the world that are flying in to assist.  Our Canadian government is matching donations to the Red Cross and to World Vision from November 9-December 8th 2013 and in the spirit of helping, I also want to do something and I am asking for your help.  It won’t actually cost you anything other than what you might have been considering doing anyway.

100% of all retail sales November 9- December 8th from my Isagenix replicated website www.cleanseenergy.com  and 25% of all proceeds from wholesale and distributor accounts will be donated to the Red Cross, where they will match the donation.   Isagenix delivers within 3-5 business days to the following countries: Mexico, Canada, US, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singpore, Taiwan, New Zealand & Australia.  Please pass this on to your friends, they may know someone who is interested too.  My goal is to raise at least $5000 for this effort which will then be matched by the government.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

1. Do a full cleanse and lose 15-25lbs in the next 30 days.  You will also build lean muscle, sleep deeper and experience better energy.
2. Purchase your cleanse now  for your post holiday January New Year’s Resolutions!  Get a group at the office together to do it with you.
3. Keep off the “Christmas ten” and get some high quality dairy free or organic Isalean pro whey protein shakes for after workouts, for breakfast or as a quick meal replacement before a party.
4. Restock your supplements.  Get our a.m., p.m. packs.
5. Give someone a holiday gift.  We have a gorgeous line of all natural skin care that is reasonably priced and works like a charm.
6. Check out the catalogue and see what might be a good fit for you.  Get in touch with me if you have questions.  I am happy to do a complimentary health assessment with everyone.
7. If you want to replicate this campaign on your own, let me know and I will set you up.

How to contact me: US 480 684 2544 or Canada 604 800 8300 (#s do not support texting).  Skype: cleansegirl or send me an email to carilee@cleansegirl.com  I am on Pacific Standard Time.

Link to World Vision
Link to Canadian Red Cross

Please share.  Thank you. www.cleanseenergy.com

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