Looking for a healthy option for dessert?  This is a tasty treat.

What you need:
Plain organic greek yoghurt
Fruit of your choice
Raw Organic Agave syrup – easily found in most large grocery stores.
Nuts if you choose

Drizzle agave along the sides of the glass
One scoop of yoghurt
Drizzle with agave, add some chopped nuts and or fruit
One scoop of yoghurt – top with fruit or chopped nuts. ┬áCoconut is also nice.

The other day I happened to have some raspberry jam and raspberry juice so I mixed them together with agave and had a raspberry coconut dessert.

Here is the calorie count:
No fat organic yoghurt – 3/4 cup 100 calories
1 T raw organic agave syrup – 60 calories
1 T pecans – 70 calories

Total approx: 230 calories.

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