I was inspired by an email I got from my friend Michelle, a Reiki and Massage practioner about how she is helping the people of Haiti and because of this email, I took action and I know of two others who she also inspired to take action. Perhaps this will also make you think of a way you can contribute.

Here is what she says:

I encourage us as a humanity to come together in this time to help those who are suffering or have lost everything including their families and life to reach out, open our hearts and send love and healing energy to Haiti. The devastation is beyond anything I can imagine and I am here to inspire and encourage you to take a moment and pray for the people, the children who have lost their parents, for the mother’s and father’s who have lost their babies, for the animals, for the survivors who are trapped and suffering, for the brave souls who are there dealing and working to save those who are still alive and buried, let’s come together and DO something to help, to heal.

LOVE HEALS. Set an intention of sending love and healing energy to Haiti, say a prayer. We must unite as one; the joining of a Universal healing energy is so much more powerful than a separate entity.

For the month of January and February I will be donating 50% of my Massage and Reiki proceeds to Haiti. Please do your part and help. To book an appointment you can email me at michelle.miguez@gmail.com or call me directly at 604-218-4749
By doing so, you are promoting healing within your own body as well as contributing to humanity.

Open your hearts to love and light. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

I also encourage us to live with less. Less is more. You can donate clothes, socks, underwear, blankets, pillows, kitchen ware, shoes etc. anything you can think of that you would need if you lost EVERYTHING.

Be Pro-active: Make a donation to Red Cross at www.redcross.ca OR World Vision at www.worldvision.ca

I am putting out the intention of having a company, business or person to match my amount. The government will then match that lump sum.

Peace, Love and Light,

Michelle Miguez

Michelle’s prayer
May all those who were adversely affected by the earthquake in Haiti be deeply healed and guided to the resources and help they need. May all those providing aid including food, water, medical care and shelter and those involved in rebuilding the infrastructure be filled with the love, strength, perseverance and organizational skills needed to fulfill their purpose.

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