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Kale Quinoa saladKale Quinoa salad The other night in the Phoenix airport, my girlfriend Sue and I went to Chelsea's kitchen for a quick bite before I caught my plane. The Phoenix airport by the way has some...


Low fat Greek Mediteranian SaladLow fat Greek Mediteranian Salad [caption id="attachment_2127" align="alignright" width="300"] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] I love Greek salads, they are easy, tasty and healthy.  I often will...


Delicious lentil soupDelicious lentil soup Today I am on cleanse day #2 of my Isagenix cleanse and my boyfriend comes into my office and announces to me that he is hungry and wonders what he can eat. How can you tell...


Is Cleansing Bad for you?Is Cleansing Bad for you? I am a big proponent of cleansing and intermittent fasting.  It took me awhile to get to this point as I had a very negative idea about cleansing. The cleanses that I knew...


Vegan lentil loafVegan lentil loaf I recently returned from a three-week wine tour covering California and Oregon. Being on the road for three weeks I was eating at restaurants all the time and enjoying...



Cari-Lee is passionate about health & wellness for everyone she meets. She is enthusiastic and positive. Incredible knowledge of physical and nutritional needs for the body. Her “Just do it ” attitude brings health wellness to a reality! Highly recommend Cari-Lee.” Grace Ng, Insurance Planner, Vancouver

“Cari-Lee has defenitely had an impact in my life; as a DIY-type person, I had tried over the years to change my bad habits in regard to eating and excersise. One reason for always wanting to go at it alone was that I didn’t want to be pushed into something I did not enjoy doing. Her vast knowledge of physical and nutritional needs for the body is a plus but what has made the difference for me is her guidance and encouragement to meet my goals. If having a healthy and efficient body is what you have been yearning for, Cari-Lee is the person you’ll need to have a conversation with.” Byron Roman, Home Inspector  Arizona 

“Cari-Lee is a master networker who never fails to bring a bright, positive attitude, and electric energy into a room. She is a consummate professional — and a business owner — dedicated to continued learning. With an inquisitive personality, and an open mind, Cari-Lee fearlessly explores new business philosophies and strategies, and welcomes innovative technologies that establish her as a well-informed, creative thinker. Cari-Lee is a “take action” personality driven to succeed; however, her selfless attitude insures that others around her are always well served by her experience, knowledge and bristling enthusiasm. I have a business history with Cari-Lee and I never hesitate to recommend her service.” Chris Kennedy, Vancouver

“Cari-Lee is the get it done girl! She is very ambitious and is always learning and taking her business to the next level. Cari-Lee is excellent at connecting the right people and is an excellent speaker, very motivational!” Tamara Kosaba President – Exclusive Fitness Consulting , Surrey

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