I love how everyone is so excited about the New Year, I find it contagious.  The promise that it brings, a fresh slate, a new beginning for many.  I always wonder though, why we put so much attention on the new year?  We wait for the BIG day of January 1st to start our diets, to start new exercise regimes etc…  Couldn’t we feel this motivated every day or at least every quarter?  Through support, I have been able to maintain my motivation pretty much year around by participating in Mastermind Groups – I did a blog post about it last year.  Some groups have a better flow than others but I always learn something and I know that I am growing.  Without fail I can pin-point successes that have come out of these groups that I don’t think would have happened as quickly for me without my involvement.   For 2011, I am starting my year with Sarah Prout’s Adventures in Manifesting program.  It brings a group of like minded people together in a virtual setting to help each other to make their dreams and goals become a reality.  Here are a few of the things I focused on in 2010 and that came to fruition.

Real Estate – I decided to focus more on my real estate holdings and in June 2010 I ventured into the US market – something I had been on the fence about for  2 or 3 years.   I bought a 2700 sq ft condo at a luxury Scottsdale resort.  I love how this all aligned.  Last year in December, my boyfriend took me to Mexico for my birthday with follow up plans to visit one of his friends in Phoenix after.  As it turned out, the friend flaked and on December 29th on a spotty internet connection in Mexico we worked out what to do and where to stay.  We ended up at a gorgeous resort called The Boulders and spent our days driving the city getting to know the different areas.  In our travels we came upon a beautiful resort high on a ridge overlooking a valley.  It was gated and we couldn’t get in, so I took a photo of the street sign and the name of the place. We had driven to so many places (the Phoenix area is very sprawling) and I didn’t want it to get lost in the recesses of my memory.  Once I got back to Vancouver, I wasn’t very pro-active about the real estate in Phoenix, I was still on the fence. In May, I got a random call from a realtor we had met while visiting an open house and he told me that something had come up in an area that he thought I would really like.  As it turned out, it was the place I had taken a photo of and within a month of that call, it was mine.  On a side note, when I got back home from my stay at the Boulders, I went into my office and looked at my vision board and what did I see?  I saw the exact resort that I had stayed at posted on my board.

Me & Roxanne on Xmas Day a.k.a my bday.

Personal Relationships – Reaching this goal of getting a place in the sun also helped me to reach my other goals. My parents came for Thanksgiving.  I have never hosted them, so that was great and spending more time with them was a goal.  Another goal was to spend more quality time with my girlfriends and one of my girlfriends with whom I had lost touch, took me up on my invite to come visit and stayed with me for 6 days over Christmas.  It was such a nice time and it re-affirmed that life isn’t much fun without my friends to enjoy it with.

There are so many other things I am grateful for but it is New Year’s Eve and I have to get ready to ring it in, so no more writing for me!  I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2011.  If you haven’t done so yet, please consider joining a support group, a mastermind, hire a coach, a personal trainer or find an accountability buddy to help you to stay on track and keep you moving forward to your goals and dreams of today and tomorrow.

Lots of love


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