This year I learned to golf. So far I have had three group lessons and I am loving it.  To my surprise, I am picking it up quite quickly and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that my lessons are videoed.  One area in which I was dialed in from the beginning was with my stance and posture.  I credit this good body awareness to the Pilates training that I have done over the years.  Almost everyone in my class is 10-20 years my senior and most have been playing golf for years.  What I am astonished about is their lack of body awareness.  Even when someone who has been golfing for years is instructed to straighten their back and stick their tailbone out, they still don’t do it.  It isn’t because they can’t do it, it is because they don’t know how to do it; lack of body awareness.  I still don’t know that much about golf – sometimes I call the tee – “the pokey thing” but it seems to me that the essence and foundation of the swing is the proper set up which hinges on proper body alignment.  Without that, you have very little chance of getting a good swing, never mind the havoc you are wreaking on your spine while in rotation and out of alignment.

If you are considering improving your golf game, I would suggest adding a regular Pilates workout into your program.  It will increase flexibility, endurance, core strength and create a greater body awareness.  Make sure that if you are new to Pilates that you train with a professional teacher and not an at home video.  Pilates is a subtle exercise form and it is very easy to do it incorrectly while believing that you are doing it right.  In Vancouver, you can find Pilates classes at your local community centres here at Most centres will pro-rate your classes if you join after they start and there is also usually a drop-in option.

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